Validation conditions for a credit surrender

Even if their assessment may differ, the lending institutions study substantially the same supporting documents for any request for the repurchase of credit. The criteria of acceptance and the causes of refusal meet on certain unavoidable elements.

Criteria for accepting a redemption of credit

Criteria for accepting a redemption of credit

Solvency: The total amount of monthly repayments of the credit must not exceed one-third of the borrower’s income. If he owns and has sufficient living space, repayments of up to half of the income can be tolerated.

Guaranteed: The borrower must be able to offer a capital repayment guarantee, through the mortgage of his real estate or a bond by a third party.

Banking behavior: the study of the last statements of bank accounts reveals a good management of the borrower.

Married borrowers present a copy of their marriage contract, and the divorced, that of the divorce decree and the liquidation of their community of property. For the pacsés couples, a certificate of Pacs can be asked.

Age: the borrower must obviously be of age. Being young and healthy is a plus, but lenders now tolerate the age of 80 for the last repayment term, and up to 90 in the case of a mortgage loan.

Purpose of the repurchase of credit: it must be strictly personal and can not concern the purchase of a land alone or works alone, nor a debt of play.

Cause of refusal of a redemption of credit

Cause of refusal of a redemption of credit

The borrower is struck by the loss of his civil rights.

The borrower is going through a divorce.

Depending on their status, non-salaried workers, managers, craftsmen, self-employed or self-employed workers must provide their last three tax notices, as well as the last three 2035 declarations or tax statements.

The borrower is not a French citizen and has a temporary residence permit or diplomatic immunity.

The borrower is carded by the Banque de France for a payment incident (FCC file) or a credit reimbursement incident (FICP file), or an over-indebtedness file.

The borrower has irregular income or unstable account management with high expenses (withdrawals near casinos, purchase of designer clothes, etc.).

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The purpose of the credit redemption is for personal and professional activity.